Noisy Neighbors in San Diego Spur Violence

Could noise pollution lead to crime?  For San Diego, the answer has been yes two weekends in a row.  In both cases, a noisy neighbor has provoked confrontation  ending in a trip to the hospital.

For Chula Vista resident Arnulfo Luis Flores, the sound of a lawn mower is a nuisance.  In fact, Flores found it so annoying he went to extreme measures to make sure neighbor Ulysses Rochin would no longer disturb the neighborhood by using his lawn mower.  Shortly after 8pm on June 17, Flores confronted Rochin about the noise.  When Rochin refused to stop using the mower, Flores stormed home and returned with a handgun.  Flores fired two shots at Rochin in short-range.  To Flores, violence was the best way to end the disturbance.  However, shortly after the incident, Flores realized his wrongdoing and ran from the police for two days before turning himself in.  Rochin was injured but said to be in stable condition.

One week later, a party in Pacific Beach, CA ended in a similar manner.  The party was getting a little too loud for a nearby neighbor who went to tell them to quiet down.  The complaining neighbor brought along a gun, which the partygoers quickly took away from him.  After they retrieved the gun, they stabbed the man in the upper body.  Though taken to a nearby trauma center, the victim is not believed to have life-threatening injuries.

Should neighbors confront those who are being too loud, or should they simply go to the police?  For residents in the San Diego area, it may be better to play it safe.  They never know when a noise disturbance can become dangerous.


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