The Act of “Thrifting”

If you would have asked me one year ago if I enjoyed shopping at thrift stores, I would have said “No way.”  I thought the only thing I was going to find would be sweaters that even my grandmother would not wear or other overly-worn, dated clothing.

Recently, however, I have viewed thrift stores in a different light.  Partly because I am currently a broke college student, I have decided to do the unthinkable – browse for new-to-me clothing at consignment shops.  I started out very skeptical but now know there are certain tricks to make a trip to the thrift store a successful one.  In the San Diego area I discovered La Mesa has several great consignment boutiques.  Also, Ocean Beach is a great place to find interesting, fun items.

Located in Ocean Beach, CA

Location, Location, Location: All consignment stores are NOT made equal.  Chances are you’ll have better luck in the nicer part of town.  The nicer the area, the nicer the clothes.

Be Ready to Bargain: If you find something that is priced a little high for the quality that it is in, do not be afraid to name your own price.  In most cases they will negotiate.

Be Open-Minded: Sometimes the best finds are the most unexpected ones.  Have fun with it!  Shopping at thrift stores is all about finding items you would not be able to find anywhere in a regular retail store.

Bring a Friend: Two sets of eyes are better than one, and thrift shopping is much more fun with a companion.  Memories can be made with all the interesting things you will find together!


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  1. i love that store… for the price of a couple McChickens I got a cute skirt.

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