San Diego Weather: July Fourth Weekend and the Days to Follow

Lifeguards called in extra help to prepare for the high volumes of people at the beach this weekend.

Along with fireworks and highly congested beaches, the holiday weekend was accompanied by above average temperatures in inland San Diego County.  Communities in East County saw triple digits on Saturday such as Alpine, which reached 100 degrees. Humidity and haze made the hot weather even more unpleasant.

The inland viewing area can expect these extreme temperatures to continue for the next few days before seeing some relief around Saturday.  Mountain and desert areas may experience a chance of thunderstorms beginning today and continuing throughout Wednesday.

Coastal areas are quite cooler, meaning packed out beaches this weekend.  As of 11 a.m. this morning, parking at Mission Beach was impossible.  Other beaches are seeing the same turnout as well.

While a trip to the beach can provide some relief from the heat, surfing conditions will be poor tomorrow.  Local beaches will see weak surf averaging between 1’ and 3’.  Light winds will also mean sailing conditions will only be mediocre.

Until the temperatures creep back down, remember to remain hydrated whenever you are spending time outdoors.  Heat exhaustion and dehydration can be easily avoided even in conditions such as these.


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