Casey Anthony Trial: The Bottom Line

By now most of us are very familiar with the Casey Anthony case.  What started as a missing child report in June 2008 ended up becoming a controversial story of a broken family, death of an innocent child, and the brutal response from the American people.  Yesterday, Casey Anthony was found not guilty on all charges related to the murder of her daughter, much to America’s surprise.  The media turned the entire trial into a riveting play-by-play that resembled a Law and Order episode.  The coverage of Caylee Anthony’s death and the events that followed reflected the revolutionary way the media and the American people react to current events.

Social media sites were the perfect outlet throughout the case for people to give their own two cents.  While Nancy Grace ranted and raved about her (educated though sometimes annoying) opinion, everyday people were able to write a blog, note, status, etc. from their perspective.  Sites such as Facebook and Twitter were a perfect place to vent, and the trend soon became a phenomenon.  According to a recent article on the Boston Herald’s website, the phrase “Casey Anthony” was used on Twitter 34,000 times within an hour after the verdict was announced.  Such an immediate public response made it almost impossible for the everyday internet user to miss the trial’s verdict.

Heated debates shown on national television were a popular way to cover the Casey Anthony case.  While greatly entertaining, these debates were based highly upon speculation as opposed to only stating the hard facts.  Fueled by opinion and driven by TV ratings, head-to-head arguments were on display for everyone to watch.  Every twist in the story gave analysts on television something else to debate, no matter how truly trivial it was.    Talk shows and debates are growing more and more popular over the traditional straight-to-the-facts news coverage.  Unfortunately, a little of the media’s reliability has been lost along the way.

When the verdict was announced “Not guilty,” most Americans were stunned, outraged, and confused.  But it taught us a lesson.  No matter how many Facebook updates and Twitter trends agree she killed her daughter, Caylee Anthony, only the jury and judges ultimately could decide Casey Anthony’s fate.  Even if at times the news spent half their broadcasts on the trial, in the end, it held little value in court.  We may all THINK our opinions matter, and we may all ENJOY giving our two cents, but maybe we should leave it to those who truly know all the facts.  Most of the time, the majority of us are not actually the experts (even though we like to think we are).


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  1. i enjoyed how i was not getting another one sided opinion, actually, no opinion was really stated. It was a very well written article dear.

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