Taylor Leigh Photography: Behind the Lens

Not every nineteen year old girl can brag she has already founded a successful business.  For Taylor Leigh of Ringgold, Georgia, she has had these bragging rights for over a year.  What started as a humble hobby turned into a thriving, self-established business when the community noticed her natural talent.  Though the upcoming sophomore has only taken the base art classes at Jacksonville State University, she has already illustrated her ability to take captivating photography.  Leigh regularly photographs family portraits, senior pictures, model portfolios, and maternity shots along with other various types of photography.  Her most recent accomplishment was scoring the title “Official Photographer” for the annual Ringgold Run.

Leigh’s ultimate vision for herself is to graduate with a Fine Arts degree with a focus in photography at Jacksonville University.  Her vision is to work as a National Geographic photographer.  Photography is more than a hobby for Leigh; she feels that it is her calling.  “My goal is to share God’s love through the shutter of my camera,” Leigh described,  which explains what is motivating her at such a young age.

Taylor Leigh has an eye for the beauty in little things such as the texture of the red brick wall or the simple elegance of freshly polished shoes.

Family Portraits are one of Leigh's most popular requests. She is able to capture a genuine happiness that many photographers are unable to achieve.

Along with great family portraits, Leigh photographs maternity shots. Mother's love being able to capture such a special time in their families' lives.

Rising model Jade Patton posed for Taylor Leigh. The shots were extraordinary, proving both model and photographer have great potential.

As Leigh's popularity has risen, her range in photography has grown to include wedding photography. Model Morgan Brittany Walker is seen posing in a wedding dress.

For reservations or more information about Taylor Leigh photography, email taylorleighphotography@yahoo.com or like her Facebook page.


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  1. Holly this is GREAT! Thanks so much! We miss your beautiful face but I know California and you get along just fine:)

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