Up and Coming Trend: Black & White

White House Black Market can expect revenue to exponentially increase this fall.  After browsing through several fashion sites for new fall ideas, I began to notice a recurring trend – black & white.  Love it or hate it, the duo is making its way to the forefront of fashion.  According to Cosmopolitan.com, Lady Gaga rocked the combination of black and white just this week.  However, the trick for most of us is making the high fashion trend look more appropriate for everyday life.  I have a few ideas:

  1. Elegant meets edgy: Try a loose fitting white blouse tucked into a pair of tight black jeans.  Add a pair of pearl earrings and some trendy chunky heels to pull the look together.
  2. Little black (& white) dress: The typical LRB is monotonous!  Instead, try a black and white dress with 60’s style prints, another upcoming trend.
  3. Find your inner girly-girl: Don’t be afraid to wear floral prints or ruffles in black and white.  Chic, yet girly!

    Forever 21 Sunglasses for 5.80!

  4. Accessorize!: Whether it’s sunglasses or a clutch, this trend will make any accessory pop against any outfit.  Forever 21 has several accessories exclusively in black and white patterns.
  5. Anything but boring: The idea of the black and white combo may sound, well, bland.  It doesn’t have to be though!  Branch out of your comfort zone; wear this fall fashion with red lipstick.  You could also incorporate the trend using black and white eyeshadow or nail polish.  The possibilities are endless!

Still don’t believe me?  Here are a few more reputable blogs that are buzzing about black and white fall fashion.


One Response

  1. It does make sense to mix and match wearing black and white out. Have you tried wearing skinny jeans with a white blouse and black shades?

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