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A Perfect Purchase for Fall 2011
October 1, 2011

As I was casually browsing through New York & Company’s fall collection, I unexpectedly discovered a blouse I simply could not resist purchasing.  Since I have recently began viewing fashion as a personalized art form, the blouse just seemed like the perfect way to incorporate fall trends with my own personality.  Below are five reasons why this New York & Company top is the perfect addition to anyone’s fall wardrobe.

The Power of Red 
This attention-grabbing color was seen throughout many fall 2011 runway shows, including Michael Kors and BCBG Max Azria.  Also, studies have shown that red is the best color to wear if you are trying to grab a man’s attention.  Whether you are wanting to wear the latest trend, stand out in a crowd, or grab the attention of the opposite sex, red is the perfect color.

A New Take on Hemlines
Recently, the fashion world has taken a new approach of adding a touch of originality to their clothing.  Hemlines are no longer symmetrical, nor do they necessarily fall safely below the belt.  While the New York & Company blouse has a straight hemline, it falls provocatively just at the top of the pants.  Who knew hemlines could be so edgy?

A Love of Pockets
Who doesn’t love pockets?  Not only are they practical, they add a touch of detail to any piece of clothing.  The pocket on the left side of the blouse absolutely was the cherry on top for me.  It completes the shirt!

Oh So Materialistic
The material of the shirt is imitation silk, also known as polyester.  Instead of the expected cotton t-shirt, the subtly shiny material gives the top a formal appearance.  By pairing it with black skinny jeans and heels, the blouse is ready for a night out.  Also, it combines two trends in one – retro shiny materials with the fashion world’s current love of red.

Quality meets Affordability
My experience with New York & Company in the past gave me the assurance that spending 25.00 on a t-shirt was totally worth it.  Knowing that the blouse will most likely last several years, it actually turned out to be a thrifty purchase.  The most important aspect of shopping is finding pieces that not only are adorable but affordable as well.

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Up and Coming Trend: Black & White
August 25, 2011

White House Black Market can expect revenue to exponentially increase this fall.  After browsing through several fashion sites for new fall ideas, I began to notice a recurring trend – black & white.  Love it or hate it, the duo is making its way to the forefront of fashion.  According to, Lady Gaga rocked the combination of black and white just this week.  However, the trick for most of us is making the high fashion trend look more appropriate for everyday life.  I have a few ideas:

  1. Elegant meets edgy: Try a loose fitting white blouse tucked into a pair of tight black jeans.  Add a pair of pearl earrings and some trendy chunky heels to pull the look together.
  2. Little black (& white) dress: The typical LRB is monotonous!  Instead, try a black and white dress with 60’s style prints, another upcoming trend.
  3. Find your inner girly-girl: Don’t be afraid to wear floral prints or ruffles in black and white.  Chic, yet girly!

    Forever 21 Sunglasses for 5.80!

  4. Accessorize!: Whether it’s sunglasses or a clutch, this trend will make any accessory pop against any outfit.  Forever 21 has several accessories exclusively in black and white patterns.
  5. Anything but boring: The idea of the black and white combo may sound, well, bland.  It doesn’t have to be though!  Branch out of your comfort zone; wear this fall fashion with red lipstick.  You could also incorporate the trend using black and white eyeshadow or nail polish.  The possibilities are endless!

Still don’t believe me?  Here are a few more reputable blogs that are buzzing about black and white fall fashion.

The Act of “Thrifting”
June 30, 2011

If you would have asked me one year ago if I enjoyed shopping at thrift stores, I would have said “No way.”  I thought the only thing I was going to find would be sweaters that even my grandmother would not wear or other overly-worn, dated clothing.

Recently, however, I have viewed thrift stores in a different light.  Partly because I am currently a broke college student, I have decided to do the unthinkable – browse for new-to-me clothing at consignment shops.  I started out very skeptical but now know there are certain tricks to make a trip to the thrift store a successful one.  In the San Diego area I discovered La Mesa has several great consignment boutiques.  Also, Ocean Beach is a great place to find interesting, fun items.

Located in Ocean Beach, CA

Location, Location, Location: All consignment stores are NOT made equal.  Chances are you’ll have better luck in the nicer part of town.  The nicer the area, the nicer the clothes.

Be Ready to Bargain: If you find something that is priced a little high for the quality that it is in, do not be afraid to name your own price.  In most cases they will negotiate.

Be Open-Minded: Sometimes the best finds are the most unexpected ones.  Have fun with it!  Shopping at thrift stores is all about finding items you would not be able to find anywhere in a regular retail store.

Bring a Friend: Two sets of eyes are better than one, and thrift shopping is much more fun with a companion.  Memories can be made with all the interesting things you will find together!

My Favorite Fashion Trend of the Summer
June 22, 2011

Cameron Diaz and Hilary Duff have already caught on to my favorite trend this summer: white skinny jeans. I cannot get enough of this look right now. While white skinny jeans NOT for everyone, those who are brave enough to try a pair on should definitely invest. You don’t have to spend a fortune either; I personally bought my pair for 21.00 at Forever 21. However, if you prefer to pay a little more for the label, consider Express’s take on the trend. They have embraced the color white this season.  Here are my favorite ways to wear this summer’s eye-catching look:

Hot Summer Trend

  • Bright high heels: Everyone is LOVING this combination.  Try white skinny jeans paired with any of your favorite heels that bring a pop of color to your outfit.
  • A tucked-in blouse with ruffles: This look is perfect for day wear and gives you a “well put together” appearance.
  • White on white: Warning!  Only try this if you are daring enough.  A crisp white tank matched with white skinny jeans will make you the center of attention.
  • Destroyed material: A casual twist to the trend, destroyed white skinny jeans pair great with sandals and a t-shirt, a look perfect for any day-to-day activities.