A True Fan
September 13, 2011

Sanford Stadium

The Georgia Bulldogs are currently under a lot of scrutiny after losing their first two games this season. As an SEC team, football fans are surprised that the Bulldogs have not had better luck on the field last season and now this one.

While last season may have proven to be a very bumpy ride for Bulldog Football fans, Mark Richt pointed out in an interview Saturday night that they started the season playing teams ranked much higher than them. “There is still a lot of football left to be played.”

Georgia Football is not simply about the players on the field and the coaches on the sidelines. It is about the fans as well.  If the crowd is not supporting their own team, than how can anyone expect their team to play well?  Lately I have been disappointed in the lack of support from so called “avid dawg fans.”  A true fan of the Georgia Bulldogs supports the team until the very end.  That means staying until the end of the game even if the team is losing.  That means NOT grumbling about how lousy the team is doing.  In fact, the bulldogs played a great game this past Saturday against the University of South Carolina.  A true fan would be proud of the hard work and impressive plays by the dawgs even though they did not win.

If you are a TRUE BULLDAWG FAN, you will NOT complain or say the dawgs are terrible. By supporting your team no matter the circumstances, you are guaranteeing your team to play with a higher morale.

As a Georgia fan myself, it bothers me that some fans are not standing by the team. They need our support! We are going to have a great season as long as they see that the fans still care. SO STOP COMPLAINING!